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Last week, the Intensive Study Program – Creative methods for co-design/co-development of medical, protective, sensorial and smart textiles, took place.

The Program consisted in a whole week full of dynamic learning for the students from KTU, TUIASI and UNIWA. The event was held in Athens, Greece, and was hosted by UNIWA. It started on October 3rd and finalized on 7th.

The content, mostly focused on E-textiles and smart textiles, was designed, and developed previously by the partners with the aim to teach the students abut the new generation of materials, products, innovations, and opportunities of the textile industry.

As the main objective of the project is to facilitate the development of a new concept of flexible wearable devices based on textiles to be more comfortable and easier to wear that responds to the fourth industrial revolution and the development of the Internet of Things, the content will be open and accessible to all publics through the MOOC (Massive Online Open Course).  

Studients during the activity

Some of the taught areas were the 3D printing textiles, protective equipment, medical, etc. and some of the specific topics included in the program were from the Eco-design for sensors and batteries to the integration of these actuators in textile products or the advanced textile materials applied in several sectors such as thermal protection, electromagnetic attenuation, pressure sensors… or the management of smart textiles waste.

The participant students reviewed the experience in a very positive way. The feedback they gave  on the evaluation of the event peaked between 8 and 9 out of 10, most of the evaluable items (MOOC, contents, presentations, flipped classroom methodology,…).