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Last Monday, June 27th, DigiTEX partners met in Kaunas to review and update the current status of the project tasks and objectives.

The meeting started with INCDTP, the coordinator partner presenting the current financial and management status of the project and the respective tasks each partner should carry on.

During the meeting, deep debates and explanations took place around the training activities the project will set up C1, C2, C3 and C4, that a re targeted to joint staff, higher education students, and teachers, respectively. UNIWA, the partner responsible for this outputs, conducted the debates.

Furthermore, the consortium updated the last advances regarding all the intellectual outputs: the IO1 – E-learning platform, that will hos the virtual course previous to the trainings; the IO2 – Book of “Medical, sensorial and protective textiles development in the context of the European economy and digitalization” as an essential material for this new learning process, the IO3 – Database, that will compile information and resources about medical, protective, sensorial and smart textiles and will also become an important key for the learning; the IO4 – Book of best practices about ‘Smart sensors based textiles from production management to end-user’ as a conclusion learning tool; the IO5 – that will include several virtual tools for training based on creative knowledge mapping; and the IO6 – a toolkit about medical, protective, sensorial and smart textiles.

Also, other transversal aspects such as the communication, dissemination and quality evaluation of the project were discussed. Particularly, the upcoming launch of the 3rd Destex Newsletter!

Finally, partners discussed about their next Transnational Project Meeting, that wil be held in Rome in late 2022.