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Last week, on May 2nd, DigiTEX partners met for the first time physically in the city of Terrassa. The event was about the 3rd Project Transnational Meeting.

The meeting began with the welcome from the hosting partner, AEI Tèxtils, and a brief management introduction from the coordinator partner, INCDTP. Then, Cre.Thi.Dev. and AEI Tèxtils presented data and reflections about the quality and the dissemination status of the project and its activity.

Later on, the responsible partners updated the rest of the consortium about the advancement of the tasks regarding the Intellectual Oututs they lead. Firstly, INCDTP presented the statuts of the learning virtual platform (IO1); KTU gave the guidelines for the elaboration of the chapters that will integrate the training Book of ‘Medical, sensorial and protective textiles development in the context of the European economy and digitalization’; AEI Tèxtils gave the indications about how the smart textiles’ materials database (to be used in the summer course and in the specialists training) should be filled (IO3); UNIWA gave a preview of the first steps for the IO4, the book of best practices ‘Smart sensors based textiles from production management to end-user’; CIAPE presented a proposal for the IO5, the creation of virtual training tools for boosting creative knowledge in this field and Cre.Thi.Dev. exposed the steps about the IO6, the toolkit for accelerating innovation in medical, protective, sensorial and smart textiles.

Next Transnational Project meeting is scheduled on June 27th in Kaunas, Lithuania.